About Us

Thompson Trophy Whitetails, LLC. is a first class whitetail deer breeding operation located in Sonora, Texas, that has one mission; to be a world class business that grows (and sells) GIANT, HEALTHY, WHITETAIL BUCKS, as well as HEALTHY DOES THAT PRODUCE GIANT, HEALTHY, WHITETAIL BUCKS! As a successful business owner in a different industry, TTW's principle, Gene Thompson III, knows that key ingredients to every successful business are people, process, and product. "Our goal as a business is to provide a world class product to our customers, backed by an exceptional experience.  The product just happens to be whitetail deer in this business" says Thompson. 

In order to accomplish the company's mission, Thompson Trophy Whitetails partnered in its infancy stage with wildlife biologist and breeding consultant, Chris Methner of Blessed Bayou, to create a well planned breeding strategy.  Part of that strategy was the mentality that if you want to be one of the best, then you have to align with the best.  Therefore TTW has also partnered with some of the industries most respected breeders that include RW Trophy Ranch, High Roller Whitetails, Prime Acres Whitetails and Whiteghost Ranch to name a few.

Thompson Trophy Whitetails understands that the deer breeding business is a marathon and not a sprint.  Therefore, we have strategically and patiently built our organization to provide world class deer to our customers. Whether you are purchasing stocker bucks for your ranch, does to improve your ranch herd, or in search of a breeder buck to add to or enhance your current genetics.